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Ahhhh I recently hit 5,000 watchers! Thank you everyone~ Looking back, I don't think I could have dreamed of gaining such a following. I'm always so happy I can make art others enjoy~ thank you so, so much :heart:


:bulletpink: tumblr:
Ahhhh my recent short comic got a DD!

Sweet Briar Rose [a short comic] by cocoaferret

This is my third daily deviation :heart: Thank you :iconeenii: and :iconalexandrasalas: for the consideration!

It's a very small story, a moment of happiness over little things- but even then, the joy of small things can mean so much : )
Again, thank you!



:bulletpink:My Tumblr:
I hope everyone's had a great winter! again I haven't been particularly active, but that's alright! I'm busy as ever~ Once I get back to school, I think  there will be more things around. And sketch dumps are still okay too!

And so many kind words and well wishes for my birthday, thank you so much! :) I don't have much time to respond to comments, but always know I read and am thankful for every single one:heart: All in all It was a relaxing birthday, but that's what I like best~

And now I'm 20! Not a 'young artist' anymore hahaha~ but it's not really ever about age :> looking back on how far I've come in my work is really cool: I am the kind of artist that, as a teen, I looked up to. A few years ago, I never thought I could get this good. But now as an adult, I realize: I am good, and I can only get better!  Perseverance will keep on paying off for as long as I keep on making art. And I'm always thankful for everyone who enjoys the things i do :heart: uvu


It's been a while, of course! I'm becoming less and less active here as the months go by, and that's alright. Like a lot of others, I've simply shifted to being more present on other platforms- but I'll always upload art here too! Now for two big updates~

:rose:Officially dropping Alexial's Nuzlocke~
I know this will disappoint a lot of you, and I'm really sad for that. I gained at lot of popularity through my nuzlocke, and a lot of people waited a long time for updates and news, because a lot of people really enjoyed it. I know that, and I'll always be thankful for that-- but I'm not sad at all that I choose to give it up! Along with the many unfixable  plot holes and story discrepancies (and believe me there are a lot haha), it's about what it does for me. Many of you know I'm an art student, I go to school for art- I'm making great work, I'm building a solid portfolio, and I'm striving to become a professional. As fun as a nuzlocke may be for others, it doesn't contribute to my future at all!

The time and willpower I use to produce those strips is the exact same time and willpower I need for school. For me to continue trying to finish Alexial's nuzlocke would be such a waste of many things- blunt, but very very true! In the end, it was always a very casual thing; and I can decide to do whatever I want with it! I'll always be thankful for the support it got, and what things I did learn from doing it- I'm just moving on to bigger, better things, all my own~

If time allows later on, I may do a few summaries of how Alexial's nuzlocke ends. No more strips or anything spectacular, but some sort of closure

Thank you for understanding! :>

:rose: My first original webcomic begins!- Dream Dossier

Letting one thing go to make way for something better! Dream Dossier is my own fantasy that's been in the making for over a year. A combination of several stories and ideas, inspired by the beauty and abject terrors of dreams- and injected with a small, final dose of Victorian and Edwardian decadence and horror uvu

There are currently 10 pages up- and I update it every Monday!
Check out Dream Dossier here~

Thank you for reading!


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Thank you for joining~
I've been getting a LOT of questions about art on tumblr lately once again, many of which require lengthy answers! ;;; So I figured it's time I do another art tutorial livestream~

Specific things I will be going over (from the questions I've received on tumblr)

-> Basic Anatomy (proportions/measurements especially)
-> How I design characters (and help with breaking out of the 'same face' habit! )
-> Clothing
-> Colors/ Coloring techniques

Of course I'll still totally be open to other questions! If you have something else you want to know about how I work or how I draw things, definitely drop by and ask~

:star: I will be streaming on October 11, starting 4:30 PM EST:star:
My channel can be found here~
I'll be posting another journal when I go live, with another link to my channel. Hope to see you then!



:bulletwhite: My Tumblr
Thank you for watching me be a big scardy cat <3 uvu

Thank you for joining :heart:


:pencil: My Tumblr
It only seems like a short while ago there were 3,000 or 2,000 or 1,000 or 100 or 5 of you! Slow or fast, time goes by; and I am very thankful for everyone~ I want to remember that I began with a few friends as watchers, and now all of you-- and let that be a humbling thing for me! It may have become too much for me to reply to comments nowadays, but know that I still read every single one- I'm always thankful when someone enjoys my work :heart:

Now, with my first year of art school coming to a close, it's summer again! And with summer comes new things-  things I hope we can look forward to!

:rose:Alexial's Nuzlocke off Hiatus
This is obvious, of course! My motivation for this is finding it's way back, and for that I am glad. Once again, keep an eye out for mid May! :>

:rose:More livestream sessions
Tutorials again, or just watching me work! The first session was a blast, and I'm always happy that there's an interest in seeing how I make art. I'd love to do another when time allows

:rose:Opening commissions for the very first time
Something I've never done before, and am excited to do! A lot of people have said they would be interested in commissioning me, which is yet another thing I'm happy for~ I hope to be open to that very soon

:rose: :iconamarantos-oct:
"Another OCT??" Well, yes! ;; try as I might, I just can't seem to finish up as a competitor- but I hope to change that! Amarantos-oct is not pokemon related at all- it centers around steampunk, heists, and just the joy of creating new characters! I'm really looking forward to competing in an OCT again-- and I'd love if you joined in too! : )
Sharing my tips and tricks for anatomy, character creation, clothing, and more~

Live @ ~
Hey hey! I have just about hit 3,600 watchers, well beyond 200,000+ page views, and 700 followers on tumblr-- It's a new year with new (and old!) fans, and I'd like to try something in celebration of that: Livestreaming!

I made an account a long time ago, but I didn't have the courage to let people watch me make art then (I get embarrassed haha). To ease into that, for the very first one I'd like to do a live drawing tutorial session!

I get quite a few comments on here as well as tumblr asking for drawing tips. I'm not a professional yet, I'm still learning a lot; but I'd like to help you learn too :> I have made a poll here:… where you can comment on what you'd like to know in regards to how I draw things/techniques/etc~ However, I plan to keep the session open to questions!

:star:I will be livestreaming Friday February 1st, 4 PM EST:star:

Hope to see you there!


:bulletwhite: Livestream
:bulletwhite: Tumblr:

News + Thank You!~

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 14, 2013, 2:26 PM
Hey hey hey! I've been busy busy busy since :iconduality-oct: started at the beginning of this month! Many things that need taking care of!

But even with that, I FINALLY got back to my nuzlocke~ I was so stuck on it, and I didn't have any motivation to do it-- but now I can see where I want to go! I think I can commit to a 'one strip every 3 weeks' update schedule. I want to do many things, and it's important to me that I start making my own original comics and focus on my own projects- but I'm not sure I could do both a nuzlocke and my own stories at the same time. That has yet to be seen! I simply hope to finish what's in front of me, Alexial's nuzlocke, in due time~

With that said, there are some other things too- many thank-yous!

:star:Thank you for the birthday wishes!
Late December, I turned 19! my birthday is becoming less important to me, but all you guys still took your time to wish me a happy birthday- and I'm thankful for that~ :heart:

:star:Thank you for 3,500+ Watchers!
Wow! I haven't addressed the number of all you guys that watch me in a long while, but wow! It's really very humbling. I've been on deviantart for 5 years, but I never thought I would see so many watchers- so many people appreciating the things I make! Thank you!

:star:Thank you :iconj-popsicle: for the premium membership! ;A;
Omg Jamie I'm still freaking out you didn't need to do that ahhhhhh.
Everyone should check out this lovely lady and her awesome art! She has the coolest characters, amazing ideas, and a lovely lovely style :heart:

That's all for now!


'Snipped', my most recent short comic, got a Daily Deviation!

Snipped: A Short Comic by cocoaferret

Many, many thanks to :iconmorbid-angelic: for suggesting it and :iconjcroxas: for the feature :heart:

This is my second DD; I never thought that would happen! I'm just so incredibly honored to receive it- especially for this! There are so many wonderful comments, so many of all your stories, that I wish I had time to reply to; I may not respond, but know that I still read and appreciate every single one ^^

I'm just so happy that some can connect and respond to this work, in a way that I had hoped for. Thank you all so much :heart:
wowowowowow it's been way too long. I haven't uploaded anything for forever!
don't even get me started on my nuzlocke. Not yet XD

I've been traveling a lot over the summer, but now that's finally come to an end~
I started my first year at Maryland Institute College of Art!

We're about 3 weeks in, and I am finally getting situated. The great thing about being here is that I have LOADS more time to myself (no overbearing parents you see, hahaha) and my motivation is finding its way back :heart:

Of course you certainly can actually expect nuzlocke updates! The past year, my senior year, was absolutely ridiculous- Alexial's nuzlocke is almost 2 years old, but the updates just kept getting few and far between. I was stressed and strapped for time, my comp got taken away so many times, and honestly I think I shouldn't have been doing it at all. But now it will be better!

With that being said, I can't promise to update super frequently. My coursework may be doing what I love, but it takes up a good chunk of time! The comic itself has also been getting more complicated and time-consuming to complete. I lost all my files, the entire nuzlocke script when I killed my computer. And, to top it all off, I've got Sixfold-League to worry about. But you know what? It's fine. It all depends on me and my time management! It's all about time~

It's been way way way too long, but I'm getting all my ducks in a row. I just wanted to let you all know what's been going down.

So let me get back into the game, and we'll see how this all turns out! ;)
Yesss, it's out of high school and on to Maryland Institute College of Art! :heart: